Kozak System - Thieves in love

29 february 2020 | 19:00

About the event

February 29 - Kyiv - presentation of Kozak System's new music album

Virtuosos of the Ukrainian rock scene present their new album "Thieves in love"! For the thousands of loyal fans, the hot guys of Kozak System are preparing the largest solo concert ever.

Drive, emotions, bright show and unrivaled energy of the coolest Ukrainian band - you will remember this evening for a long time. It's easy to get an ocean of ​​impressions - just buy tickets!

Kozak System is a band that has become a truly unique and distinctive phenomenon of our music scene. The colorful repertoire is impressive - they are not limited to any style or genre. There is more and more in their music: from the powerful punk rock to the lame ballads of contemporary poets, from the melodic ethnos to the multi-genre mix of cossack reggae songs, from the acrosocial tracks to the patriotic war hymns ...

In February, Kozak System will present their new album on the big stage. Fifth album promises to continue the tradition of the band's many years of music experiment. Get ready, because these "bearded thieves" will steal a part of your heart!

Kyiv waits in anticipation of a grandiose Kozak System concert at the Zhovtnevyi Palace

Kozak System is a band constantly touring European and world music festivals, presenting real Ukrainian music. When you look at them, listen to their songs, jump out at their concerts, you clearly understand that this is OUR worth to be proud of.

Over the course of the band's existence, the boys have visited more than 20 countries around the world, and the map of our country has been wrapped around their concert routes, across and beyond: which city and town did not jump under "Taka Spokuslyva" and light the phone lights under "Ne Moya"?

The first to hear a new plate of cossacks will captivate the capital on February 29, 2020. There will be seats, but it is unlikely that anyone will sit, because the Kozak System concerts are really crazy energy. Their sincerity and charisma are amazing, captivating and captivating!

Kyiv, let's light up together at the Kozak System concert!

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