Палац Спорту

  • Одеса проспект Шевченка, 31

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About venue

A unique and the largest roofed sports and entertainment venue in Ukraine located in the very heart of ancient Kyiv at the foot of Cherepanova mountain. 

Today Palace of Sports organizes concerts and sport events, exhibitions and advertisement. 

Entrance hall has six passageways to eight sectors of the Palace of Sports Arena and 16 buffets. The Arena stage is an engineering masterpiece sized 42 by 15 meters. It fits into the structure of Arena so beautifully and proportionally that allows the guests to see everything happening on stage from each spot of the seating zone. A state of the art climate control system creates comfort inside the venue regardless of the number of guests present. Media club, located in the middle of the ceiling, is seen from every spot on the stands and complements a complex of media technologies installed for sports needs.

Arena is the pride and joy of Palace of Sports. The number of seating sectors is eight (6,113 seats), with reversed stage – nine (7,513 seats). On the Arena before the stage, we can organize a parterre for 1,400 seats (25 rows of 56 chairs). During concerts with fan zones, we clear up the space for 2,500 fans. The seats are ergonomic and ensure comfort during lengthy events.